Refined Sunflower oil

Grade Highest Sunflower oil process Mechanical (expeller) pressing Acid number,  KOH/g 1.06
Moisture and volatile  0.08%
Free fatty acids  0.53%
Impurities  0.002
Unsaponifiables  1.2%
Color index, mg of iodine  15
Iodine value  125-145
Saponification value  180
Refractive index, 40C  1.4770
Specific weight, 20C  0.9165-0.9180
Peroxide, micromole/kg  5.5
Phosphor number  0.40%
Flash point, C  minimum 225

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Refined Sunflower Oil / Sunflower Cooking Oil / Sunflower Oil


Product name Refined sunflower oil
Type Sunflower Oil
Processing Type Refined, Crude
Use Cooking
Packaging Bulk, Plastic Bottle or as customer’s requirement
Place of Origin Tanzania & Kenya
Certification ISO, HACCP
Delivery time 7-14 day after payment
Shelf life 12 Months


Physical properties:

Appearance No residue at 40 deg. C
Cold test Min.48 hours at 0 deg. C
Colour Max.1.2 red, lovibond tintometer 5/20 inch
Refractive index 1.465-1.475 at 40 deg. C
Density 0.91-0.92 g/cm3 at 20 deg. C
Volatile matter Max.0.07 % at 105 deg. C
Taste Excellent
Odour None – not sensed

Chemical specifications:

%free fatty acids (FFA) Max 0.1
% ash (*) Max.0.05
Saponification value 190.32 koh/g. Of oil
Iodine value 134.13 (wijs-hanus method)
Peroxide 0.2 meq/KG. Of oil
% unsaponifiable matter Max.0.12
Impurities None
 % saturated fat(-ty acids) 8-12
% unsaturated fat(-ty acids) 87-91
Feeding energy 900kcal
Iron < 0.02 mg/lt
Fatty acid composition C14:0 :0.06 C16:0 :5.77 C18:0 :4.1 C18:1 :27.3
C18:2 :59.2 C20:0 :0.27 C18:3 :0.25


This pale yellow coloured oil, extracted from sunflower seeds, is high in poly-unsaturated fats and low in saturates.
As very stable oil, Sunflower oil has a long shelf life, without hydrogenation.

With a relatively low smoke point, it can be used for shallow frying, cooking and salad dressings.

Neutral in flavour and aroma, and its healthy proportions made our Sunflower oil popular in kitchens decades ago, and now, Sunflower oil ranks the fourth most used oil worldwide.

Refined sunflower oil is perfectly clean oil, which preserves all the nutrients during the production process. This oil can be used in conditions of extremely high cooking temperatures. Margarine and cooking fats are made of refined sunflower oil by hydrogenation. Refined sunflower oil is also used in the manufacturing of canned food, as well as in soap boiling and paint and varnish industry.

We offer refined sunflower oil packed in bulk and in PET bottles. Custom design print labels and boxes for the bottles are available by request.

Sunflower Oil is perfect for daily usage. In comparison with other kinds of vegetable oils, our contains more vitamin E, which is well known as one of the most effective antioxidants and helps to prevent ageing at the cellular level.
Includes such elements as:
– omega-9 monounsaturated oleic acid (82.6%),
– polyunsaturated linoleic acid-Omega-6 (3.6%),
– saturated fatty acids.
Sunflower Oil strengthens the human body’s immune system, and as a reason- reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Vegetable oil improves metabolism, regulates body fat balance, treats chronic stomach, intestines, liver and lungs diseases.

We’re also export many types of oil, cooking oil and etc. For more information about the product, please feel free to contact us.