RBD Palm Olein CP8

RBD Palm Olein CP8 is an Extremely Stable and Cost Effective Deep-Frying Oil that lasts longer in your fryer. RBD Palm Olein CP8 is made from the Finest Quality Palm Olein. RBD Palm Oil CP8 is a Cholesterol Free and contains Healthy levels of Vitamin-E.

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Exporter and Supplier of RBD Palm Olein CP8

Farmimex is an Exporter and Supplier of RBD Palm Olein CP8 from Indonesia and Malaysia. We have Various Packaging options for Industrial and Retail customers. We are offering Minimum Price of RBD Palm Olein CP8 for Global Destinations exclusively East and West Africa. Our Ready Stockpile is available for Speedy Shipments of RBD Palm Oil CP8.

Specifications of RBD Palm Olein CP8

Chemical And Physical Analysis
Parameters Value
Free Fatty Acid (as % palmitic) 0.1% max
Moisture and Impurities 0.1% max
Iodine Value (Wijs’ method) 57 min
Slip Melting Point 24 max
Color (5¼ Lovibond cell) 3 Red max
Cloud Point 8.0 °C max

Packaging of RBD Palm Olein CP8

We are offering different Packaging options for Retail and Industrial consumers. Our Packaging Solutions have several Benefits, which are Extend Shelf Life, Improve Cost Economics, Lower Pack Weight and Freight Cost Savings. We can Ship RBD Palm Olein CP8 in 20’ft and 40’ft Containers with PET Bottle, Tin Can and Jerry Can Packaging.


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